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Before you buy

Are you new to the world of centimeters or just not that sure what is meant by our products’ width and length? Our items are measured and sold the majority of time in the closed position, meaning that if you want to purchase a tri-fold wallet, the wallet is not measured when it is open but when it is snapped shut.

Below we have demonstrated our technique for measuring by using our Tri-Fold Wallet (Item 106) as an example.

Before you buy
We also suggest that you take a piece of paper and measure out the size of the item before you purchase it. After sketching it on the paper, cut it out and see if our Large Wallet Zip/Purse (Item 229) will fit in your Small Messenger Bag (Item 506) or our French Breast Pocket Wallet (Item 125) will fit in your suit pocket.

To help you with conversions, this online conversion website is quite useful.