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Who we are


Mywalit was founded in Lucca, Italy in 2005, when we opened our first shop in this historic town in Tuscany.

After a short-lived retirement from the leather industry, founder Chris Howell returned to designing wallets and production of leather goods with some of his former business partners from the UK and South East Asia with whom he had collaborated for more than 30 years.

Within six months we began selling our products internationally across Europe, Australia, the United States, Japan, and the Far East.

We originally concentrated on creating colourful purses and wallets. We have enriched our collection to include multi-coloured handbags for day and evening, travel accessories, and a classic, yet unique Office Collection featuring iPad and laptop cases, writing pads and folders, and business organisers.

Our people are from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds, bringing an equally wide variety of skills, interests and experiences to colour their contribution to our team. In the Lucca office, conversations are held in a heady European mix of Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. For us, a great idea is a great idea and anyone can have it. That way, everyone is involved in the creative process.

Our office in the U.K. organises and coordinates production of an average 12,000 wallets per week and is responsible for UK sales. Our office in Lucca is responsible for sales in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Our office in Washington, D.C. handles all U.S. and Canada trade sales, and our office in Australia is responsible for sales in Australia and New Zealand.

We recently marked a major milestone with the grand opening of our new Mywalit Flagship Store in Florence, which brings a total of five monobrand stores in Tuscany. Mywalit franchises and monobrand stores are popping up all over the world, including in Russia, Dubai (UAE), and Australia. In addition, our products are sold worldwide in department and designer stores, leather goods and duty-free shops, boutiques, museums and other specialty shops.

Our products were originally produced solely in Thailand, but to keep up with supply and demand, we recently expanded production to the PRC. As demand increases, we will continue to look into other production opportunities. Our bold colour combinations, attention to detail in manufacturing and use of the finest soft nappa leathers has built our reputation for quality and individual design. We take pride in every product that is produced and hope you enjoy living with our products as much as we enjoy creating them.