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Customer comments

I just received my order and I want to say thanks!  I absolutely love everything and I can't believe how fast it got here!  (I've sent packages to my son in college a few hours away from me and it's taken a lot longer than your package from Italy!). I'm getting ready to place my second order! 
Martha T. - USA

You have the most wonderful wallets and handbags! Unique and simply joyous in their colors!  The feel of the leather, the incredibly careful workmanship - my wallet hardly shows wear and tear after all these years!!!  It is just something not seen anymore even with highend designers as far as I've seen. Best wishes for your continuing success!!! AND Thank you for a wonderful product.
Karen B. - Switzerland

I just want to inform you that I received my mini-bag and am very impressed.  This little bag does go a long way. I just want to thank you for answering my many questions and sending the photos. The only thing I am more impressed with than my little bag is your friendly service.

Annette B. - South Africa

Order already received.  I'm impressed by the efficiency of your company and the quality of the product. This is the first time I bought online and the last time I bought from your shop in Siena. This is a great Christmas present shopping experience.  Above all, thanks for the little gift keychain inside.  Sweet. 
Lindy L. - Hong Kong

Received with lots of bright colored thanks:-)  Love your products...I have 4 now and the collection will be growing!
Nicole H. - Dubai

The wallet arrived today in perfect condition and in a timely manner. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your company, and I will not hesitate to do business with you in the future. Thanks again!
Elizabeth F. - USA

Dear Mywalit-Service-Team,  I'm very happy. It is all so very beautiful. Thanks for the very fast dispatch.  THANKS FOR ALL. I'm fascinated.

Katrin W. - Germany

Hi! I recently bought one of your products on your website and just had to thank and compliment you ! The delivery was lightning fast, and the bag is beautiful ! And you just feel it is a quality product. Everything was perfect, from the easy order to the hand-written note on the bill. And the bag was really well packed ! Thanks a lot and keep it up ! I wish everything went so smoothly with all other internet sellers!
Mathieu A - France

I just have a comment. I purchased one of your wallets in Stockholm, Sweden at a museum store. I have been extremely happy with my wallet and it still looks brand new. I can't believe how well it has held up. The quality is superior to anything I have ever owned. Please keep up the quality and I am very happy to purchase it on-line as well now.
Gisela S. - USA

I just received the package and I am impressed with your efficiency! Thank you very much...
Last week I went to your Firenze store and became in love with Mywalit articles, and I am now ordering some other stuff, since I think they are great gifts, and I am telling everyone about it!
Joana A. - Portugal

I only want to thank you for the wonderful wallets!!! And shipping within 24 hours from Italy to Germany is unbelievably fast (last order was the same)!!!
Friederike S. - Germany

Thanks very much for your kindness, advice and very fast delivery! I´m really satisfied with the product and the service! All the best for you!
Tomke B. - Germany

I received the wallet and it is fabulous.  Love, love, love the color & texture of my new wallet! 
Addie V. - USA

I just wanted to say that I have been looking for a wallet for some time and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wallet!  Its compact, fun and awesome!
Mariam O. - USA

I just received my order. I am really satisfied in the quality of the goods, the speed with which the package was sent and the kindness that distinguishes you.  Well, really compliments Mywalit!!
Lorenzo G. - Italy

I bought one of these great wallets when I was in Italy last month.  My sisters saw it and loved it, so now I am thrilled to find your website.  I am giving them each one for the holidays. Thank you so much!   I love Mywalit!

Sherry C. - USA

What a great and fast service...thank you very much...today I got that nice wallet I ordered for my daughter as a Christmas present.  I want to tell you I was a little bit afraid to order something on the internet and giving away my credit card details...but it turned out you and your team did a great job and I promise I will tell everybody what a nice and trustworthy company you are.....

Cordula S. - Denmark

I'm impressed with the speed and simplicity of your company!
Karl B. - Great Britain

I want to thank you very much for a very quick service. On Monday I mailed my order, and I received my bags on Wednesday. I bought my first bag (510-4) from your collection in Copenhagen, and I am very fond of it. But now I have tried the Internet-way, and I am sure, not for the last time.
Lis J. - Germany

I do love my wallet and I will place more orders in the future as I think your products will be great presents.
Louise P. - United Kingdom

Thank you so much for exchanging my wallet.  It has arrived and I like this one very much. I appreciate your help because I think your products are sensational.
Georgia C. - USA

I really love all your products and letting my friends have them, and they love you, too! Please stay as cool as you are!!
Micco H. - Japan

Delighted with my bag. Super fast delivery. Will definitely buy from you again. The trouble is I am spoilt for choice you have so many beautiful bags.
Alison G. - UK

My mom got the right bag today :-)  Thank you for your help and for the great communication.  Perfect service!
Katarina H - Slovakia

I received my parcel today.  I also loved the xmas card and gift. Great touch.  If all of Italy were so efficient – it would be booming.  Will tell all my friends.

Judy S. - Australia

Many,many thanks for the amazing prompt delivery of my wallet. I am delighted & so impressed! You now have a new customer! Please keep me advised of your new ranges.
Lyn M. - Australia

Thank you very much for your help and messages. My bag has arrived, really quick delivery, I was amazed. Also it is lovely, I am very, very pleased. Your new web site is excellent, well done, and, it is very helpful and exciting to track one's order from Italy.  Just wanted to say thank you from a very pleased customer. Mywalit are, without doubt the best handbags and leather goods on the planet. Thank you again.  Your help is very much appreciated.

Rachel P. - England

Dear ladies and gentleman, yesterday I ordered a wallet from you and I got it TODAY!!!  This was unbelievably quick and I am very satisfied with the wallet. I will recommend Mywalit to everyone of my friends. Thank you very much.   Signed - a very satisfied customer
Michael L. - Austria

I would like to thank you once again for the prompt delivery of my goods.  Your A1 service is second to none!  They are all beautiful & will make wonderful Christmas gifts. 
Sue L. - Australia

Thank you for your quick response AND the quick delivery of the ordered items! They arrived today all in good order!  I am impressed with your service and will certainly come back to you with future orders !

JD K. - Sweden

Thank you for the information and for the goods, which arrived safely this morning. I am delighted with the products and with your service: thank you very much !
Jean-Pierre DW - Belgium

Just want to say thank you so much for getting the parcel so quickly. I cannot believe it.
These two wonderful wallets bring me the spirit of Lucca, Firenze, Siena, yes, the whole Toscana inside forever.

Renate W. - Germany

I've just received the package with my order. Everything is just perfect!! Thank You very much. See you soon with another order!
Anna H. - Poland

Thank you for sending my bag and wallet so promptly. I just received them and am very happy with both.
Jane P. - Australia

Today I received my products (a bag, two wallets, a pencil case, a make-up purse, two strawberry coin purses) - and I'm thrilled!!!  Wonderful products all along!  You haven't heard the last of me!!!
Kirsten N. - Denmark

Thank you for my wallet!  I love it and many people are attracted to it - I carry my card with the information for how to purchase this wallet and I refer people to you.  Thanks for giving the money and the cards I have in my life the pleasure of living in a beautiful space.
Helen M. - Australia

I just wanted to say thank you - to my surprise the wallet already arrived this morning. I think that's that fastest delivery I've seen EVER. :)  Great work, the wallet is really nice too.

Florian B. - Austria

I just wanted to say how much I love the purse I bought a couple of months ago. It's so bright and cheery, so well made and just the right size, I don't put it away, I leave it out so I can see it.
Wendy W. - France

Your company is most professional. It makes me feel good to know there are still reputable companies out there!
Nancy T. - USA

The bags arived today.  Love your products.  I am very impressed with the service you provide. I will return.....
Eleise T. - Australia

Many thanks for your quick reply and for your fantastic customer service!
Andrea W. - United Kingdom

I just received my order for two wallets that you shipped to the US. I just wanted to say thank you for the hassle free delivery and the speed in which it was shipped. I discovered your product while in Florence this past September. It was one of the things you walk by and think 'I have to have it !' The recent order I placed with you was for two of my friends….. I am sure they will love them as well.
Rob M. - Hungary

Thank you for your kind upgrading of my package, which arrived 45 minutes after you sent your email this morning. I am delighted with my purchase and the friend it is intended for has just called around and so I have been able to give her the gift ready for her to open on her birthday. Thank you again.
Wendy P. - United Kingdom